Nova Scotia, we're here for you. High-Speed LTE and Satellite. Internet, Delivered.

Unlimited LTE Service now available in the Berwick / Aylesford area!  Stream as much as you want!

Two Delivery Options

To get service to your home or business, we need a delivery path.  In Nova Scotia, Xplornet offers two options: 


Satellite delivers service to your home or business via a satellite dish installed on the property.  The satellite dish receives and transmits microwave signals to a satellite in orbit above the equator.  From there the satellite sends your signals down to a ground station and out the the internet.

This service is available in a majority of Canada, and allows service without a wired infrastructure in place.  Speeds and data allotments are generally lower then ground based services, due to the high cost of data transmission via satellite links.

Xplornet has worked hard with companies who own the satellites to bring costs down to be affordable to consumers.


LTE delivers service to your home or business via a wireless antenna installed on the property.  The wireless antenna connects to a ground based tower generally located less then 10 kilometers away.  

This service gives higher data speeds and larger data usage packages.  Compared to Satellite, LTE can only deliver service to an area measured in tens of kilometers, compared to hundreds or thousands of kilometers.  Infrastructure needs to installed in each service area, which can be difficult due to line of sight restrictions, existing towers, and government regulations.

Xplornet has purchased a private radio license to try to prevent localized interference with other radio transmissions.